Why Avvanz

Why Avvanz and Why Avvanz is your logical choice

People are the biggest assets to the business but can pose the biggest risks to the business as well. Given that more than 30% of resumes (or CVs) have discrepancies, it is extremely critical to screen Candidates thoroughly before hiring them. A Gallup's study has revealed that new joiners not onboarded properly tend to leave the company within a few months. This calls for a tight onboarding program which can ensure that the new joiners hit the ground running soonest possible to be fully productive. A continuous learning and development program has to be in place to enhance engagement, motivation, skills and competencies of the workforce. To retain a "safe" and completely capable workforce while under pressure to outperform as an organization is the top most challenge for business and HR leaders. 

Avvanz has compelling value propositions to strengthen your human assets. With Avvanz's global domain knowledge by country and by market segment, Avvanz strives to understand your challenges, identify your needs and customize appropriate solutions. 

Competitive Differentiators

  • Avvanz can address your critical Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Talent Development needs. It eliminates the need to work with different partners for your diverse needs. Avvanz provides a modular but integrated suite of solutions.  
  • Avvanz has nimble flexibility to be able to customize solutions for your organization
  • Avvanz has an extremely strong region-specific ground knowledge that will fasten the proposition of appropriate solutions.
  • Avvanz can deliver world-class quality at cost-effective price points within expected turn-around-times.