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Avvanz is a multi-award winning HRTech and FinTech company that helps more
than 2000 companies around the globe mitigate people related risks through
background checks and due diligence solutions and enhance their skills and
competencies through highly interactive training solutions suited for the Digital


We provide detailed, and auditable world-class, Background Checks that are conducted based on the risks associated with your country, industry, the roles, functions and levels of your human assets.




Conveniently tailored, relevant, high impact and on-demand upskilling programs that can help you get ahead in your career and in business.

Searching for an automated compliant background screening solution?

As much as people are the biggest assets to your organization, the wrong people can pose the highest risks to your business. Hence, you need to identify the “right” and “safe” talents before onboarding them. Our Multi-award winning Avvanz ScreenGlobal will help you mitigate risk due to wrongful hires.

Do you want to be effectively onboard and get your talent up to speed?

Avvanz will work closely with you to equip your human assets with skills and competencies to thrive in this Digital Economy whilst surpassing your business KPI’s.

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APRA Checks

APRA stands for Australian Prudential Regulation Authority – A regulatory body that sets requirements for companies operating in Australia to ensure the safety and stability of the financial system.

AFP Checks

AFP or Australian Federal Police Checks or National Police Checks are critical checks amongst other background checks for employers to assess a candidate and his/her suitability to a role.

AS4811: All you need to know about the NEW Workforce Screening Standard in Australia

Avvanz’s 7 years of serving more than 2000 companies around the globe has enabled us to do offer some useful data analytics...

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