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& Health Guidelines

Workplace Safety
& Health Guidelines

Strives to fully integrate health and safety

Avvanz is a leading Technology-enabled provider of Screening, Onboarding and Developing solutions in professional services industry. We are committed to providing staff, contractors and visitors with a healthy and safe environment. This policy applies to the company premises, activities of the company and controlled equipment. The company strives to fully integrate health and safety into all aspects of its activities through a continuous improvement of processes. This is achieved by:

1. Implementing and maintaining a framework that ensures the systematic management of health and safety throughout all sites and workplaces and compliance with legal and other requirements; and

2. Setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at controlling higher risk activities and increasing awareness of health and safety.

Our principal goal is to improve well-being, health and safety management and to eliminate injuries and illnesses at our workplaces. Our aim is to protect the inherent safety of all our employees, candidates, contractors, vendors and partners.

WSH Team is made up of Kannan Chettiar (Managing Director), Alvin Caga (Co-Founder) and Jhoann Alberto (Head of Client Services and Operations).

We commit to adhere to relevant legal requirements. Our duties and responsibilities will include ensuring well being, safety and health at work. We commit to continuously enhance and improve WSH performance especially amidst Covid-19.

Basic Safety and Health rules

Basic Safety and Health rules include:

  • No smoking near areas where flammable materials are stored.
  • No consumption of alcohol at work.
  • No by-passing of emergency switch.
  • Prompt reporting of all injuries.
  • No playing of sports or games in the workplace area.
  • Staff who contract contagious diseases including flu should work from home

All staff are briefed on WSH and Business Continuity Planning measures Eg) Emergency like floods or earthquakes or terrorist attacks. The Operations Centre is regularly inspected and audited. Regular safety talks are held as well to continuously educate the workforce. Everyone is accountable for their and their colleagues’ safety. Accountability is one of Avvanz’s core values.

All staff are trained on Personal Data Privacy polices to safeguard employee and client related data.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment includes:

  • The team consists of Managing Director, Operations and Client Services, and Safe Management Officer.
  • All work activities and operations layouts are documented.
  • Potential workplace safety and personal health risks are identified. This also includes any vendors or subcontractors in Avvanz’s premises.
  • The probability of each risk happening, Seriousness level, and Contingency Plans have been mapped out Eg) the First Aid kit.
  • The aim is to eliminate or mitigate the risks.
  • Risk Assessment records and documented and reviewed regularly.

Specific measures in relation to Covid-19

  • The workforce has been split into Team A and Team B in each country of operation. Team A and Team B alternate working in Avvanz offices.
  • Employees who do not necessarily need to go into the office continue to work from home (telecommuting).
  • Between Team A and Team B, there is no cross-deployment.
  • Employees who are unwell must not go to work at Avvanz offices.
  • They have been encouraged to see a doctor immediately and where possible, visit only one clinic.
  • Employees have been educated not to socialize with colleagues within and outside of the workplace.
  • Employees are not allowed to congregate at all common spaces like entrances, lobbies, and pantries.
  • Working and break hours are staggered.
  • Everyone has been instructed to keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter at all times.
  • At all times, employees wear masks and observe good sanitation and hygiene.
  • Avvanz offices including all spaces and equipment are frequently disinfected.
  • Health checks and protocols have been implemented – Temperature is taken twice daily for all workforce.
  • SafeEntry is used to record the entry of all visitors.
  • All personnel must make a health declaration before entering offices.

Monitoring of WSH performance

Monitoring of WSH performance

Key metrics include:

  • Incidents reported and reported late. Note: If any fatal accidents or diseases, Avvanz will inform Ministry of Manpower.
  • Medical leave trends.
  • Findings from inspections and audits
  • Employee feedback


Should an incident happen, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will be undertaken followed by an action plan which is intended to ensure no recurrence of such an incident.

By Kannan Chettiar, Managing Director of Avvanz

27th May 2020