Partnering Avvanz for your Background Screening works in your best interest as we bring to you the following value propositions:

  • Quick and hassle-free Account setup, Onboarding and Ordering
    Talent Acquisition professionals need to have a candidate quickly screened to be able to hire the person once the person is cleared. Some vendors take very long to set up a new Account for clients, inconvenience them through lengthy necessary documentations and even charge them onboarding and setup fees. Potentially, it can take up to 2 weeks or more before the Requestor can actually start ordering any cases (that include new candidates or current employees or even contractors) to be screened. Avvanz facilitates almost immediate ordering will all necessary documentations put in place.
  • Cost-effective at short turn-around-time 
    Avvanz’s price though cost-effective will include consultancy on right approach to background screening, on-boarding, Client Service hotline, Professional Indemnity Insurance, applicant chasing and Business Reports. Avvanz’s unique screening workflow is “lean” with elimination of un-necessary steps and that has helped to reduce our turn-around-time (TAT) of the reports. 
  • Capability to screen candidates with complex global background
    With globalization, talents study, live and work in multiple countries. Some of the regional vendors might not be able to undertake a 360 background screening of such candidates. Avvanz has global capabiltiy covering EMEA, Americas and Asia. Avvanz also offers a diverse array of checks to meet the screening requirements based on risk, level, function and accountability of the candidate. 
  • Background-screened Screening Team with authorization and authentication requirements
    Avvanz’s Screening Team itself is thoroughly background checked and each of them has to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Team has to authenticate to gain access into Avvanz Online Platform before carrying out any background check related tasks. 
  • Stringent information security framework 
    Confidential Personal Data has to be securely stored as any lapse in security will yield huge consequential damages. Avvanz houses data in Amazon Web Services which has MTCS SS 584 Level 3 Certification based on ISO27001/02 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Standards. Avvanz’s machines that include laptops and desktops are protected as well.
  • Comprehensive Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Framework to protect client organization
    Given the strict PDPA requirements in several jurisdictions especially on data transfers to organizations with no data privacy acts, it’s critical to have our client organizations tightly covered on this. Several regional and global vendors, specifically those headquartered out of countries with no PDPA, ignore the risks. Avvanz has a compliant process to hande Personal Data. Avvanz’s comprehensive PDPA framework can be shared on request. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance that covers our Clients on civil liability related to breach of services.
  • Fully-documented Privacy Policy
    The Privacy Policy can be viewed at Avvanz website.