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Gold Medal awarded ScreenGlobal Platform allows for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer/Company Due Diligence (CDD) related automated workflows that provide quick visibility into potential risks associated with financial crimes like money laundering and terrorist financing. Our comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solutions provide dynamic insights into customer events and changes.

Verified Customers

authenticate the customer's information and validate their identity.


Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process that helps businesses identify & verify the details of their clients.

Global Watchlist and Sanctions with constant monitoring tools

Adverse Media Social Media ID or Passport Credit

Background Checks

  • Consolidated AML data sets with Continuous Monitoring capabilities. AML data can be retrieved in minutes. This dynamic global database covers Global Watchlist and Sanctions, Adverse Media, PEPs, Criminal Enforcements, Financial Compliance and Healthcare Sanctions.
  • Identity Verification (KYC) – Passports and IDs from more than 150 countries can be verified using Machine Language technologies.
  • Seamless integration via RESTful APIs to 3rd party platforms and client portals with customizable UX/UI.
  • Additional Background Checks to ensure your organization meets compliance obligations in whichever part of the globe your business sits in.