Avvanz LearnGlobal - An integrated 5-in-1 platform for complete Learning and Development without needing multiple investments in various plaforms and solutions. 

Blended Learning consists of Face-to-Face (both in a physical and/or virtual format) and Online Training (or eLearning) to offer an holistic learning experience to the Learners. 

Asynchronous Learning: It enables Learners to have more control of their self-directed learning journey by learning anytime anywhere in an Online Learning Environment (OLE).

Synchronous Learning: It enables a Team of Learners to be coached LIVE in a Physical Learning Environment (PLE) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) by an Instructor. 

From an organization's standpoint, Learning needs to be cost-effective and time-efficient to roll out. It should be fun-filled, interactive and engaging to learn. Since it can be accessible throughout the learning journey, it facilitates high knowledge retention. 

What kind of investments are typically needed to roll out a Learning strategy?

  1. Learning Management System (LMS) is the "engine" that powers eLearning and helps you create, manage and deliver eLearning courses or training programs. It comes with functionalities like courses allocation to learners based on skills and competencies needed as well as learning analytics (that includes monitoring of progress and completion). 
  2. LIVE Training Delivery Platform provides instructors to deliver training content LIVE to learners as if in a physical classroom. Examples are Zoom, Webex, BigBlueButton etc.  It allows user to virtually interact with co-workers when in-person meetings are not possible.This platform allows lectures, breakout sessions, presentations, discussions, polling, whiteboarding etc. 
  3. Authoring Platform is a software program which enables you to create learning content using text, media, and interactions. It does not require technical programming skills as the authoring tools are generally pre-programmed and offer a ready-to-use interface that enable you to easily and quickly author and develop customized and contextualised courseware with Intelligent Assessments and Games. 
  4. Content Library holds a large variety of off-the-shelf Course Titles covering Sales, Account Management and Marketing Leadership, Innovation and Digital Transformation,  Project Management, Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing and critical skills needed to thrive in digital economy. 
  5. Onboarding platform to integrate new joiners -  It can be integrated to Applicant Tracking System (ATS) + Background Checks platform like ScreenGlobal i.e. After new hires are recruited and screened, they can be immediately onboarded seamlessly for orientation and continuous training. 

Why a 5-in-1 integrated platform like LearnGlobal is an optimal choice?

  • Huge cost saving - No need to purchase or pay license fees or subscription fees for multiple platforms. Also LearnGlobal is a SaaS model based pricing i.e pay only for active users whenever needed. 
  • Having all workforce data integrated in one platform offers more accurate results in a cost-effective manner. 
  • Ensures a consistent and structured onboarding and learning for all workforce. 
  • Self-directed and company's commissioned Learnings can continue in any situation even amidst crisis situations.

Avvanz LearnGlobal is a 5-in-1 Platform that offers all the above and the following:

  • Off-the-shelf Content covering Sales, Account Management and Marketing, Management and Leadership, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Project Management, Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing and Soft Skills essential to thrive in Digital Economy
  • Customized Gamification and Animated Game-based Learnings from Levels 1 to 4
  • Contexualised and curated learning workflow with following actions: Read, Watch, Do, Play, Socialize, Apply 

Are you a in-charge of HR or Learning & Development?

Are you a Trainer or Instructor who needs to develop and sell courses to your learners?

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