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your trusted partner.

The Double Vs in Avvanz infer 2 strong messages:

  • Avvanz closely aligns with your vision, your goals, needs and requirements and be your trusted partner.
  • In line with meaning of Avvanz which is “advance”, Avvanz strives to ensure your advancement in strengthening your talent as an enormous Asset leading to a sustainable profitable growth.
In today’s world, there is a global talent hunt for the right talents to “advance” organizations. Engaging, developing, motivating and even retaining talents have become daunting for organizations. Henceforth, a robust and uniquely integrated solution is warranted.

Given that more than 30% of resumes have discrepancies, there’s an imperative need to ensure your hired talents are “safe” and of the highest level of integrity. The next immediate priority is to implement a flawlessly tight on-boarding program to get the new hires integrated into the organization and become productive within the shortest possible time. Training the talents to be top contributors and developing them to enable organizations surpass their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is highly critical to your organizational success.

Organizations need to work with different individuals or partners to build a powerful talent asset base. Henceforth, Avvanz’s strategic intent is to act as a 1-Point-Talent-Hub for all businesses.

more than 100 employees

Avvanz is a Singapore-headquartered company of more than 100 employees with global presence in Asia, North America and Europe.

Led by Multi-award winning, Kannan Chettiar who has had a successful 27-years career in leadership positions in Technology and Professional Services.

To know more about Kannan, some of his public speaking engagements, press coverages and training deliveries have been outlined at and

Received Multiple Awards

  • Avvanz had 2000+ clients. 98% retention with 8 Global Offices, and 100 Employees Across Asia, Europe, and the Americas for Over 20 different industries.
  • Received our accolades for Best Background Screening Provider (Gold), Technology Company of the Year, and Executive of the Year – Technology.
  • Avvanz is:
    1. FinTech Certified, MOM- Approved
    2. PBSA Council ISO27001, and ISO27701 Certified
    3. Integrations to Leading ATS/HRMS Platforms
    4. Disruptive Tech products include
    5. Blockchain-enabled ScreenChain
    6. 5 Global Offices 
    7. Verifiable Certificates issuable to Candidates
    8. Identity Verification for seamless verified access.