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Recruitment Firm – Use Mobile To Cut Recruitment Cycle

Who: A regional Recruitment Firm


  • More than 200 applications for just 2 positions. 
  • Recruiter spent 10 minutes per resume. That amounted to 2000 minutes or 33 hours. 
  • After filtering to interview about 30% of them i.e. 60 interviewees, Recruiter spent about 60 minutes on each of them. That worked out to 60 hours in total.
  • In total, almost 100 hours were spent just on selecting and interviewing activities.


  • Recommendation: Don’t review a single resume i.e. 33 hours saved. 
  • Candidates who were interested in the role had to create a program using “Gnowby for Curators” (free content creation tool) to share with Recruitment Firm why they should be hired. 
  • Areas of assessment then expanded to: Willingness to learn, Openness to new technology, Passion for role and sincerity for candidacy, Verbal and Written communication skills, Critical thinking skills and Creativity in selling oneself. 


  • Recruitment Firm received only 20 programs (from 20 candidates). Each program took 10 minutes to review i.e. 200 minutes or 4 hours in total. Firm managed to save selection time. 
  • 8 of the Candidates were deemed of worthy to be interviewed for about 60 minutes each. That worked out to just 8 hours. 
  • 2 of them were eventually hired after a thorough background check was conducted on them. 
  • Total time saved was 88 hours at 8x the speed.  
  • 2 awesome individuals were hired in the most enjoyable and human way with technology. 
  • Actual investment – Mobile Technology Platform on a subscription basis

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