New Employee Onboarding

Employee retention has proven to be healthier in companies with a more robust onboarding process. Companies don’t invest in this enough mainly because of the high level of coordination and structure required. Studies have shown that employees not onboarded properly tend to leave the company within 3 months to 6 months. 60% of managers who fail to onboard their new joiners successfully cite failure to establish effective working relationships as a primary reason. This calls for an onboarding strategy that aims to “integrate” the new joiners into the company. This is beyond induction and orientation related activities.

Avvanz orchestrates the entire New Employee Onboarding starting from the date the employee signs the Offer Letter. We ensure the new employees hit the ground running in the quickest time. We will emphasise on aligning the new hires with company vision, strategy, values, business model, brand, organizational structure, dynamics, culture and skills & competencies needed. This will entice the new joiners to apply and live with company values from Day 1 and in some cases, even before the Day 1. 

Onboarding is not just about induction or orientation. It is about integration – integrating the new joiner to make the individual a fully functioning member of the team as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

A full end-to-end Onboarding Program should consist of the following:

  • All content that the employees need to familiar with, can be in form of Digital Learning Modules. This should cover company vision, mission, purpose statement, core values, administrative arrangements, business orientation, legal and procedural formalities, alignment with supervisors, stakeholders and peers and culture familiarization. 
  • Induction Program with each Department can kick off with short videos of senior leaders, perhaps 90 seconds each, to welcome and onboard the employees. Virtual Reality can be incorporated to transport the employees to various offices, centres and manufacturing floors of the organization.
  • Scenario based storyboard can be implemented in a game-based learning format where employees can be tasked with a challenge by a senior leader transforming the entire learning journey into a discovery mode. 
  • Social dinner/drinks session can be arranged with the key stakeholders to stoke their enthusiasm and answer any queries they might have. This creates a social learning environment. These “social” moments can be captured on the Digital platforms too. 
  • Warm and welcoming forums can be put in place to ensure the new employes can air any questions they might have. These sessions can be made interactive to maximize social integration and employee engagement
  • Micro-Learning Bites through mobile platforms will enhance the entire learning experience.  These easily digestible chunked up contents increase learning retention and support an effective learning transfer. It will cover the skills, competencies and knowledge required for the job accountability. 
  • Gamification can be incorporated with features like leaderboard, badges, certificates and points to redeem gifts to heighten the engagement level. Assessments and Quizzes can be built to check the internalization of the learning. 
  • Learning Analytics can enable supervisors to track, monitor and measure progress of all employees in real-time. Immediate feedback can be provided on the Platform either by supervisors or peers leveraging the social learning aspects. 


The ultimate goal is for the new employees to feel welcome, integrated, inspired and become productive with shortest possible learning curves. Hence, a more holistic and integrated Comprehensive New Employee Onboarding Program is required and this is provided by Avvanz’s Technology based complete and effective Comprehensive New Employee Onboarding Program. 

Sample of an onboarding program pushed out to the mobile can be seen below:

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With this proven process, Avvanz brings to you the following Competitive Differentiators:

  • Reduce labour intensive costs and manual processes. 
  • Increase efficiency since time to competency is drastically reduced.
  • High engagement solutions like games and simulations strongly anchors new employee’s attention and commitment. 
  • Inconsistent quality of onboarding across multiple departments and countries will be eliminated. 

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