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What Digitalization In Education Taught Us These Past Few Months

These past few months have shown us that with the right and efficient  exposure to digital teaching resources, students can not only gain the ability to construct knowledge, but also cultivate information literacy swiftly. Based on preliminary study these past 18 months on various modalities, students’ learning pace has changed from a mode of one-way guidance taught by teachers to constructive and discovery based learning, from passive learning to active learning where students recreate knowledge themselves.

What were the successful critical Skills that made an impact? 

Fast track Digitalization Skills

An important aspect of digital education is the use of modern tech for assisting teaching. This requires teachers to master relevant digital knowledge and related operating skills, understand and learn the necessary apps, tools and software, and challenge their own ability to design and produce courseware so as to be able to carry out Stand-alone teaching and network teaching.

Application of Big Picture in Teaching

Big data and big picture thinking can go a long way towards improving the learning and teaching of students. Students are increasingly reliant on smartphones to access information. EEveryone wants the big picture, and it is the result of an understanding of how our brains process information. It is what we commonly refer to as imagination, thinking outside of the box and other big-picture thinking skills. This includes conceptual learning, knowledge acquisition and analysis, vision and image synthesis, and visualization. Big Picture Thinking is as important for our future as our present. Why? A student’s success relies on the ability to think critically. Our society is becoming increasingly diverse. Our ability to retain, interpret and apply information is key to delivering a critical, global perspective.

 Application of Big Data in Teaching

In a nutshell, big data is the amount of information that is stored or that can be computed in a given time period. The term data is usually used in the context of a quantitative concept but its application encompasses a lot of different fields. The term “big” implies quantity but is sometimes used to connote an amount of importance. Educators can utilize the concept of data in teaching students to  better approach  problem solving, analysis, design thinking and thought organization.

IF there’s anything that the pandemic has taught the Teaching practice these past few months, it shows that the effective use of digital teaching resources is of great significance to the development of students’ learning ability and problem awareness. Through effective use of digital teaching resources, students can stimulate their interest in learning, which is an excellent way to build independent learning ability and entrepreneurial ability.

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