Strategic Leadership and People Management

Strategic Leadership and People Management

Course Overview

Every organization has its industry or company specific needs and wants on top of your unique challenges. Hence, SLPM can be contextualized, customized and localized to be aligned with your organization’s DNA, culture, aspirations, vision, mission and goals. What we have outlined in this document is a recommended track based on our experiences in working with organizations around the globe in the last decade. Avvanz’s SLPM places a huge emphasis on Digital Leadership.


  1. Enhance your understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader and  people manager through an application oriented and highly engaging  training intervention. 
  2. Build a framework and a solid action plan that will orientate your  workforce in the right direction to create a high-performance work culture.  Your workforce will be able to implement the actionable plan after each  workshop. Avvanz offers 1:1 Leadership Coaching to supplement the  Training too.  
  3. Some of our clients who have benefited from Avvanz’s SLPM Modules are  shown here. Regardless of your industry, organization size or countries  where you organization has a presence, Avvanz has the right fit SLPM  solution for you.  


Target Participants

Each of these 24 Modules can vary from 1-Day to 2-Days Workshop duration  (Physical classroom or Virtual) blended with Netflix-style self-directed eLearning  using Avvanz LearnTopus.  

Each Module has an Online Assessment and/or Shark-tank style presentations

The recommended SLPM Track made up of 4 stages covers your entire lifecycle starting from Individual Contributor up to CXO Level. At whatever stage of career your workforce is, SLPM will assess your skills and competencies and recommend the right stage for you.
The transition from being an Individual Contributor to being a Leader of others is not an easy one. If the transition is properly coached through, the expected RoI can be achieved.

  • Business Graduates
  • Business startups
  • Working Professionals
  • Students
  • Managers
  • Key Executives


There are no pre-requisites for the SLPM Track.


At The End Of The Course, You Should Be Able To:

  • Avvanz’s Assessments will assess your workforce’s 4 “Q”s and the Leadership Style before putting them through on the right SLPM Track. EQ = Emotional Intelligence
    CQ = Cultural Intelligence
    DQ = Digital Quotient
    AQ = Adaptability Quotient

Master Trainer

This workshop is facilitated by Kannan Chettiar, CEO of Avvanz, who has more than 24 years of Corporate Leadership and Management experiences in Asia, NA and EMEA. He is an award-winning Technopreneur – Executive of the Year – Human Resources Technology. His technopreneurship through Avvanz ( has disrupted the entire Employee Lifecycle Management. As a result, Avvanz has won several awards including a Gold Medal.

Kannan has delivered this workshop in Asia, UK and US to several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to being a Mentor for startups and Thought Leader who delivers speeches globally and offers expert

 opinions on TV (news, documentaries and talk shows) and press media, Kannan is also an highly rated International Trainer who has trained several global organizations (including SIA, Cisco, Airbus, Thales, Total Oil, Mercer, Thermo Fisher, Rehau, Roche, Jotun, TUV SUD, HP, HPE, Essilor, Peninsula, PON Asia, William Grant, Oriental Motors and Singapore government subsidized WSQ courses).

Other Trainers in the Team: Randy Sng, Vivian Chung


Avvanz can contextualise and customise this workshop for your organization. Drop us a note at


Drop us a note at

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