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Safer Recruitment and Building a Safeguarding Policy to Protect Our Children
Child predators in schools have increasingly become more discreet in the past years.
The thing is, you wouldn’t know that these things are happening as typically the victim opens up years after the first encounter/first act of molestation. 
You can just imagine the trauma that each child faces in order to cope with this incident in their lives. Some grow up to have deeper psychological and social challenges, worse some of these cases end us as being irreparable. 
Oftentimes, we are too late to act once the incident has happened or when we realize there was a problem all this time. So the next question is – how do we find out?
Typically there isn’t a foolproof way of finding unless the victim comes forward or if we witness suspicious behavior. However there are more proactive and less intrusive ways to go about it. 
In order to come up with an effective solution towards preventing future incidents, schools and educational institutions can do the following: Setting up mandatory background screening to all education staff and personnel. 
It helps to mitigate and significantly reduces the risk of child molestation to about 98%! Completing Child Abuse History Checks for current employees – 97% increased awareness if someone working around children had committed acts of violence against them before Mandatory training as well as annual classroom visits by experts who work closely with sex offenders. 
These are just some important ways in which we can mitigate the risks of school personnel getting involved with child molestation. As they say “early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable”. 
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