Professional Interview

Interviewing is a critical stage in hiring the best talent fit. Research has shown that there are candidates who score extremely well in interviews and win the position though might be an ill fit. Some of the candidates undergo interview related training and hence have become excellent interviewees. This poses a strong need for interviewers to be well trained or outsource the process to professional interviewers.

Avvanz has 2 Interviewing Solutions:

  • Train your interviewers (senior Management, hiring Managers, human resources, co-peers and even subordinates) to be more effective and skilful interviewers. We help to ensure your interviews are well-structured, consistent, avoid biases and maintain the brand image of your organization. Professional Interviewing Training is conducted in a classroom format with abundant drills and practice. 
  • Assist organizations to conduct interviews after scoping “Roles and Responsibilities” of the potential hires. Avvanz can customize and map out several rounds of interviews.
  • Typical rigorous interview rounds can be in these forms:
    • Well-structured Interviews by HR, Hiring Manager, Senior Management, Peers and even Subordinates. This will give a 360 perspective of the candidate.
    • Predictive Assessment for job fit and cultural fit and predict the future performance of the candidate. 
    • A real life case study is given to the candidate to assess how the candidate tackles it and solves the problem. If the role requires an analytical brain, then the technical nature of the case study has to be adjusted.
    • Social setting like over a meal or drink – Candidates are more relaxed in such a setting where they might let their hair down and show their inner selves more readily. This is also a good way to assess a candidate’s social skills and manners.
    • Submit 30/60/90 days plan and present it. This will provide an insight to the level of understanding the candidate has of the role and the company. The other benefit is that the candidate will appreciate that the first 3 months are not going to be a “honeymoon period” and that if hired, the candidate has to deliver the committed plan. 
    • For sales or marketing or management roles, submitting a business plan and then walking through it is a good evaluation technique to test the candidate’s business acumen. The importance of making the candidate present it is to avoid cases of plagiarism off the Internet. It will show during the presentation if it was really thought through and prepared by the candidate.
    • Internal and external communications happen to a large extent through emails. Hence, professional writing skills need to be top-notch in terms of effectiveness, conciseness and language. Real life scenario emails, say, from clients or partners or bosses can be given to the candidates and it can be observed “live” how they respond to these emails.
    • For sales or marketing or leadership roles, a round of golf (or other competitive sports) can help test the candidate’s strategic sense, competitiveness as well as ability to thrive under pressure.

Kannan Chettiar, the Managing Director, has been widely covered by the Media on his creative interviewing techniques. He believes that traditional interviewing methods are not effective anymore especially when handling the millenials. Kannan Chettiar was featured by Sunday Times Singapore in an article titled “Stiffer hiring checks to ensure right fit”. This article in Singapore Straits Times covered some of his unique interviewing methodologies.

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