Productive Onboarding

Along with a fool-proof screening solution, a robust onboarding strategy has to be in place. In today’s world where there is a global talent man-hunt for solid talents, talent acquisition has become an enormous challenge for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders. With tough KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on top of these talent acquisition challenges, Talent Acquisition role itself has become a hard role to fill. Hence Recruitment Process Outsourcing which is a form of Business Process Outsourcing is increasingly embraced by organizations. Organizations can leverage this to transfer all or part of their recruitment processes to external providers like Avvanz. Among several benefits, the key ones are reduced cost, scalable and consistent model and most importantly quickest time to hire. 

Another critical stage is a tight onboarding process for the new employees. A comprehensive new employee onboarding is a strategic approach to give organizations a competitive advantage. It’s beyond an induction or an orientation during the “honeymoon period” of the new employee. It must convert to a “committed marriage” with long term commitment as research has shown that employees not onboarded properly tend to leave the organizations within the first year or even the first six months. 

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