Avvanz Launches ScreenGlobal

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Avvanz, a unique 1-Point-Talent-Hub, that has 3 business pillars – Screen, Hire and Develop, has launched a first-in-industry Background Checks platform. Ordering background or due diligence checks on any subject be it a candidate, employee, freelancer, service provider in gig or sharing economy, partner, contractor and even on subject’s self has been very cumbersome due to several complexities involved. Kannan Chettiar, Managing Director of Avvanz, attributes the complexities to the following and explains how the purpose-built Avvanz ScreenGlobal resolves these complexities:

  • Companies, especially those which are transiting from character reference checks to background checks for the first time, often find the background checking process unfamiliar and confusing. They typically start off by conducting checks on few individuals first but find the documents and paperwork imposed upon them very overwhelming and daunting. Now with Avvanz ScreenGlobal’s ala-carte ordering system and step-by-step guidance, they can order checks very quickly within a few minutes likened to buying a book off Amazon.
  • Due to globalisation, background of subjects nowadays spread across multiple geographies and countries. This makes ordering a check very complex since prices of checks vary by country leading to need for manual computations before confirming checks. The scope of checks and regulations also vary by country. Avvanz ScreenGlobal enables selecting checks by country, understand the scope of checks in each countryview the prices in desired currencies and also make an online payment easily followed by viewing and downloading of the reports. Avvanz ScreenGlobal offers a Dashboard which gives a snapshot view of the progress of all the ordered Cases. 
  • Several countries have Fair Credit Reporting Acts and Personal Data Privacy Policies. There are also country specific requirements for certain subject related documents. Companies might not know what documents are needed to conduct a thorough check and what kind of compliance regulations they need to abide by. This results in several to-and-fro communications with the background screening vendors delaying the turn-around-times of the reports. Avvanz ScreenGlobal clearly states upfront what kind of documents and details are needed from Candidates. It also has built-in Contracts with verbiages that comply with the abovementioned Acts and Policies. Avvanz’s comprehensive indemnity insurance protects all clients as well.  

Kannan Chettiar added, “Avvanz ScreenGlobal has now simplified the entire background check ordering process and most importantly has made it possible for all our clients to receive the reports within the shortest possible turn-around-time with complete ease and convenience. Amidst the new digital and sharing economies which are the new normals, we are absolutely excited with the timely launch of Avvanz ScreenGlobal. We can now serve Clients from any part of the world with background checks covering any part of the globe.”

Note: Drop a note at consult@avvanz.com should you have any queries at all.  

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