Avvanz Launches HOB Club

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Avvanz proudly launches HOB Club – an exclusive Club for Head Of Businesses. This is a unique international platform for:

  • Individuals who run Business Units for organizations
  • P&L leaders including business owners
  • Head of Sales / Marketing

All these individuals are driven by one common goal – “Numbers”.

Managing Director of Avvanz, Kannan Chettiar, remarked, “There is an abundance of virtual clubs like Meetup, LinkedIn Groups and e-Clubs but a lot of them fizzle out because of lack of a strong charter. Some hold regular physical meetup sessions which I have attended myself and then I get bombarded with emails from financial advisers, realty agents and multi-level-marketing sales people. I believe this happens because of a lack of a proper due diligence and vetting done on the members. Some others only do e-meetups among attendees who have differing driving forces and motives without a  common purpose.”

Avvanz HOB Club’s strategic intent is to bind all business professionals who have one common KPI – Exceed revenues and drive profitable growth. In today’s competitive business environment, it has become important that companies operate as part of an eco-system to be hugely successful and for that, affiliate partnerships and connections are critical. The sole charter of the Club is to tightly integrate the international business community. 

HOB Club will have a mix of:

  • Regular networking parties held globally
  • Exclusive seminars and webinars to be updated on latest trending topics delivered by renowned speakers
  • Access to e-Publications on topics that are of the biggest concerns and interests to Heads of Businesses
  • Access to discounted deals
  • Social causes

Typically, Clubs of this scale will have huge upfront membership fees. Though Avvanz HOB Club is a not-for-profit club, to be able to serve the charter successfully, it’s important that a complete vetting is done on the members to maintain high level of exclusivity. Avvanz will facilitate that for the new joiners and once they are onboarded, they become part of this prestigious international club. Kannan particularly added that outright selling of products or services among members in form of email blasting or handing out of brochures and product samples during the events will not be allowed and any members caught doing it will need to be shown the door. If any members want to “share” their great ideas, it has to be done via the HOB Club platform in form of bite-sized presentations or e-Webinars. 

Kannan Chettiar added that he’s immensely excited about this and as a business owner himself, he is very optimistic about the benefits of Avvanz HOB Club that like-minded members will reap. 

To join Avvanz HOB Club, click on http://avvanz.com/contact-us/ and in your message, type “Avvanz HOB Club”.

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