Leadership and Management

The Foundations of Leadership

Many times you’ve wondered what really comprises good leadership. You’re not the only one. Check the internet and you will find thousands, millions of results pointing you to resources that tell you the qualities and characteristics of a good leader.
At Avvanz, we believe that there are seven things that make up the foundations of leadership:

  • Bonding
  • Settling the Unresolved
  • Framing
  • Trusting and Gaining Trust
  • Ethical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Resilience/Rebounding

High-Stakes Leadership in Action

You need a course that’s been the product of years and years of research and development. It’s one of the best leadership training programs in Singapore that offers an avenue for reflection on what a leader should be and do. It covers the following:

  • Decision-making under difficult circumstances;
  • Assessing people;
  • Key leadership styles that fit your company culture;
  • Leadership behaviours that should be practised;
  • Leadership strengths to build upon and weaknesses to encounter; and of course,
  • The Foundations of Leadership, which we will tackle in-depth during the course.

If you’re an executive or someone who handles management, strategic planning, and operations, this is the right one for you.
Disruptive Leadership for Future Digital Economy
We take pride in the fact that our methodologies are centred on helping you become a competent player not just in today’s market but as well as in tomorrow’s digital economy. 
Considering we’ve long left the traditional structure, our leadership and people management courses are not based on models from anywhere in the world. Teams are now composed of individuals miles away from each other. 
How can your company cope?
By making flexibility and being dynamic the focal points of your company’s leadership style.
Managing the Self
This is the first domino. Get it right, push it into the right direction, and it will deliver results beyond your expectations. This is where you start: the self.
Managing yourself in the workplace may be a walk in the park to some people. However, there are individuals, despite their brilliance and skills on the job, who fail to astronomically. It’s not that they are not competent. They are. That’s why you hired them. It’s just that they lack self-management skills, which they (and you) can learn with us.
By learning to manage yourself, you acquire the key to open the doors towards:

  • Developing Personal Effectiveness
  • Developing Professional Image and Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals
  • Managing Achievement of Results

Leading the Team
Now you pushed the first tile and as expected, it set things into motion. The domino effect. It takes a particular path that you set up as each tile was placed on its spot ever so carefully. 
Think of the whole thing as leadership. While the first tile was you as someone at the helm, each of the rest belongs to an individual in your organisation possessing unique skills, knowledge, and competence. But aside from these three, what else do you need to keep the whole thing moving?

  • You need to know exactly how to:
  • Manage Change
  • Cultivate Workplace Relationships
  • Manage Multi-Geographic Teams
  • Enable People

Best Leadership Courses in Singapore
There’s nothing we want more than for you to be the leader that you can be. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have experience. What’s important for us is your willingness to step up and be more than what you are now.

  • Here are the Avvanz leadership courses in Singapore:
  • Leadership and People Management - Executive Management Level, Senior/Mid Management Level, Other Levels*
  • Managerial intelligence
  • Entrepreneurialism 101
  • Business Acumen for Managers
  • Management 101 for first-time Managers - Based on 12 major challenges faced by first-time Managers 

Being a leader is hard but it doesn’t need to be done alone. With our methodologies, models, and tools, we are going to reach new heights. Together.