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How to Hire for Culture Fit: The One Question Every Hiring Manager Should Ask

Culture fit or getting the right hires can make or break the recruitment process much so an organization’s performance. Which is why it’s really important to make sure that getting the right talent starts with effective recruitment and selection. To help you get started we’ve outlined a couple of actionable items that you can start implementing right away in your staffing activities to get the “right” talent.

What is culture fit?
First and foremost, the definition of culture fit needs to be based on the organization’s purpose and vision. The employee’s commitment to and alignment with the mission and culture of the organization is the goal of the recruitment process, with an initial and ongoing focus on talent acquisition’s ability to do what needs to be done for the organization to achieve its goals. The key here is that the person you recruit for culture fit with the organization’s culture, as opposed to the other way around. This goes well beyond superficial stereotypes or preconceptions you may have, and requires asking the one question that is absolutely critical for success: “What brings you to this organization?

Actionable items for your recruitment process
How to interview for cultural fit ? How do you get the perfect candidate to the perfect position? Through effective interview questions! The right questions can be the difference between who lands the job and who doesn’t. Using culture fit as a filter: Use a set of questions that filter for people that match the culture and work style of your organization, including their motivation to succeed, passion for learning, and their ability to collaborate well and help others. Also make sure to Enlist cross-departmental teams to conduct culture fit interviews to provide the necessary insights on skills + culture + behavior expectations when hiring.

Don’t forget to do this when hiring for culture fit
Don’t forget to do your due diligence before you interview In an attempt to avoid a bad hire, many organizations spend a considerable amount of time researching candidates before they come in for interviews. However, hiring managers rarely dive deep into all the details about their candidates’ professional and personal lives. Make sure that your research includes more than just information that might be easily accessible in a CV or resumé. 
To save up on hiring costs and gain more ROI (time saved by your recruitment teams + leveraging expertise) in the long run background screening companies  nowadays have customizable screening engines that can definitely tailor  for you the best and most cost effective background checks to help you in getting the right fit.  

The hiring process is getting more and more complex and organizations are struggling to differentiate themselves from the competition with employees who share their values and culture. Organizational culture can be a real driver for top talent.

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