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How much Impact do teachers have on our students

How much Impact do teachers have on our students?

Teachers have the greatest impact on student education and lifetime achievement.
A highly competent teacher is likely to create future jobs for students as they teach not just content but a range of skills students will need to be successful as adults. Teachers are an integral part of our society, because they shape future generations by passing down knowledge that shapes what we know today.

Students who went under competent and ethical educators are more than likely to have higher attendance and grades than their peers. They are also less likely to be suspended or kicked out from the educational institution. Usually these benefits persist not just throughout high school or college but even during the professional life of the student.

Based on a global study, test scores “capture only a small fraction” of what teachers are capable of, as they play an important role in the overall well-being of students.

Below are the most impactful behaviors that teachers can have to influence the best outcomes for their students
Commitment and Competence: Teachers who are committed to their profession have the genuine interest in the subject they teach. They strive to gain a deep understanding of their subject area, including the most current research as means to go the extra mile for their students.

Communication Skills: A teacher’s ability to communicate effectively is key – they need to know how to use language in a way that engages all learners.They use feedback from parents, peers, and students as a way of improving their teaching skills.Competent teachers understand the importance of building relationships with parents and other members of the community outside school hours.

Impart Valuable Life Skills: They are expected to provide students with knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in life. The teacher’s goal is not just about teaching, but also mentoring and disciplining students.

Organizational Skills: Teacher’s classrooms are organized so that they can quickly find what they need when preparing for class or helping a student with homework. Teachers should also be skilled in using a variety of teaching methods to reach different types of learners.

Inclusion and Safety: Effective teachers are able to engage with students and create an inclusive learning environment. They need to know how to effectively manage a classroom so that it remains an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

As a result, student engagement, though that may not be immediately observable, can help improve academic achievement, which will lead to better outcomes for teachers as well as students. Students who feel safe and cared for by their teachers tend to do better in school and in their lives.

After all, intellectual, emotional, psychological and emotional safety of students should be the foremost priority.
Interested to know on how to ensure 98% that the teachers we hire will promote the safety, education, and success of children, schools, and communities in general?

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