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Gamification in Blended Learning

What is GAMIFICATION really? This is often confused with games and online learning. It’s first important to understand what this really means and what it can do to enhance learning. Gamification is a technique that is often employed in blended learning which essentially consists of Instructor-led Programs and Digital Learning. Before we look at the benefits and wide ranging applications, let’s have a quick look at what it typically entails. 

This gamification technique utilises elements and mechanics of game playing that include:

  • Missions with activities and tasks
  • Stage-by-stage progression and hitting goal-based milestones
  • Competition
  • Scoring on Leaderboard which shows transparency on where everyone stands
  • Rewards, Points
  • Badges that indicate accomplishment or mastery of a skill or competency
  • Collaborate to accomplish larger tasks
  • Social interactions
  • Real-life simulations

These elements of gamification can be employed in both physical and virtual environments in contrast with a popularly incorrect thinking that this is only for digital learning. 

Benefits of gamification when properly structured are:

  • Enhanced learning experience coupled with a high engagement level – This will appeal to a wide audience regardless of Gen X or Gen Y or millennials since there is ample and engrossing interaction and stimulation. 
  • Higher levels of recall and retention that will strengthen the learning.  
  • Informal learning raises the scope of imagination and thinking.
  • Heavy and hard-to-comprehend content can be delivered in easily digestible chunks.  
  • Immediate feedback directs the learners to the right mode of thinking and behaviours. 
  • Stretches learners by constantly and continuously challenging them whilst engaging and entertaining them. 
  • Can be applied to new employee onboarding solutions as well as all kinds of professional and technical training. 
  • Ultimately increases the performance if the learning objectives are strongly tied to the expected business objectives. 

Avvanz has utilised gamification in wide ranging blended learning scenarios that include:

  • New employee onboarding
  • Corporate skills training
  • Leadership and Management blended courses
  • New products familiarization
  • Recruitment 

With the right and purposeful approach, it’s definite that the returns on investment on gamification can be realised especially in today’s world where innovative learning and development drive the required behavioural changes and the ultimate personal and business successes. 


This article is written by Kannan Chettiar, Managing Director of Avvanz. Avvanz has 3 business pillars – Avvanz Hire (Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Comprehensive New Employee On-boarding), Avvanz Screen (including Predictive Assessments and Background Screening) and Avvanz Develop (Digital Training, Instructor-led Training, Blended Training and 1:1 and/or Group Coaching/Mentoring). 

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