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Education Industry: Overcoming Leadership And HR Challenges

Overcoming Leadership and HR Challenges in the Modern International School Environment

Our Distinguished Speakers:

  • Dr. Kevin House – Director of Education for Dulwich College International and Associate Professor in Practice, Durham University
  • Stuart McLay – Director of Education Quality Assurance & Accreditation at Vinschool Education System
  • Moderator is Peter Liddell, Chief Operating Officer at Schrole Group


Watch the replay here. 

We talked about the following:

  • What changed in the education sector in the past 18 months of pandemic?
  • What are the parent’s utmost concerns in the current environment and what steps can be taken to address them?
  • What innovations, skills and approaches will educators need to remain relevant in what will continue to be a very competitive market in trying to attract/employ/retain talent?
  • We touched up on a meta-analysis of what international teacher dispositions, values and beliefs have been shown to have the greatest impact in the classroom.

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