• Managing Your Credit Reputation Early & Securing Your Dream Job

    Published by: Credit Bureau Singapore Nov 27, 2020

    Managing Your Credit Reputation Early & Securing Your Dream Job 

    While fresh job seekers mostly focus on crafting the most engaging resume, this article will highlight the importance of building a good credit history early. While academic results help you to land a good job or get into an elite graduate school, a good credit history will provide an edge at securing your dream job and granting you access to credit to finance your life goals such as a car or a house.

    Impact of a Bad Credit Reputation

    Delinquent debt repayment behaviour or default records will negatively impact one’s credit score and eventually result in a bad credit reputation. A good credit reputation is a considerable reflection of a person’s financial competence and capability. Companies are increasingly conducting employment checks on prospective hires so as to actively diminish any potential cases of theft and embezzlement.  Therefore, your credit report may have an influential role in your future job applications.

    Pre-Hire Employment Checks

    Companies usually tend to hire financially responsible individuals and your credit report is a clear indication as to whether you have been diligently repaying your debt obligations. Hence to a potential employer, a below average credit score may be correlated with irresponsibility and bad financial management which poses as a red flag to future hirers.  Thus, it is essential to understand how our credit reputation may affect us in more ways than imagined. 

    Another important consideration for recruiters is the possibility for the potential new hires to misappropriate funds. Therefore some companies diligently conduct thorough annual credit checks for all employees in order to prevent such unfortunate incidents. 

    Fit-and-Proper Guidelines by MAS

    Companies may also want to avoid legal liability for negligent hiring. This is especially applicable for banks and Financial Institutions as they are regulated strictly by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). As part of the Fit-and-Proper guidelines by MAS, they are obligated to do employment checks which include credit checks on pre-hires. 

    Start Building Your Credit score early

    • Pay your bills on time and in full
    NOTE: Default records stay on your credit report for 3 years while bankruptcy data is retained for 5 years even after full settlement.

    • Limit the number of credit cards you own
    • Pay down your debts and consider charging less


    Obtaining your personal credit report

    It is vital for us to obtain our personal credit reports so as to understand the banking information reflected which will also be the same data that employers (Human Resource) will receive during credit checks. (sample report link-

    CBS’ credit reports can be obtained at the following avenues:

    1. Online via Singpass at the CBS website (include link-

    2. Personally at the CBS office at 2 Shenton Way, #20-02 SGX Centre 1, Singapore 068804

    3. At any SingPost branch

    In conclusion, it is never too early to start developing good credit habits to prevent the negative consequences of having to build or resolve a bad credit rating. Always remember to be prudent with your spending, keeping track of your monthly expenses and applying for loans with the careful consideration of your repayment capabilities. 


    This article is contributed by Credit Bureau Singapore.