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Background Checks in the Medical Sales Industry

A job in medical sales generally involves being on the road, recommending products to physician’s offices, medicinal centers, hospitals, and at gatherings or other meetings with medical specialists.

This particular job though as innocent and as noble as it may sound can be a hotbed for fraud and embezzlement.

Imagine, someone with a history of bad debts or bankruptcy may not be considered for the role as the person may be susceptible to bribes due to the high value of the medical equipment they are selling.

Below are the stringent eligibility criterias set for a medical degree or to practice pharmacy/medical sales:

a. A Criminal History
b. Not Passing a Drug or Alchohol Test
c. Blemishes on Your Credit History
d. A Tarnished Driving Record
e. Giving a False Employment and Education History

If you’re applying for a medical sales job where you’re managing the firm’s financials, most likely when credit checks are also carried out. This is to make sure you’re managing your information integrity responsibly. A company may feel the burden of financial issues can hinder optimum sales performance. Hence someone with a poor credit history may not be considered for a medical equipment sales role.

For all of the items above, the requirements set by the employer should be met, or applicants would not be able to land the job.

To ensure that all items are provided for applicants need to provide employers with accurate reports including past job experience, academic transcripts, criminal records etc. Both the interview and application form should be filled out with honesty and integrity.

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