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Avvanz, a Technology based Employee Lifecycle Management company, embraces blockchain technology through its partnership with VeriME – a blockchain based digital identity verification platform. 

Avvanz’s award winning Managing Director, Kannan Chettiar, announced to the media, ” Partnering with VeriME and leveraging their D-KYC or Digital Know-Your-Customer solution, we are looking to build a future where the process of identity verification isn’t as time consuming and costly as it is today. With their remote application, Avvanz can verify the identity of candidate within seconds and hence prevent companies from hiring wrong candidates which can be detrimental for their future.” Kannan further added, “Our turnaround time is already very aggressive and VeriME’s D-KYC will further fasten this while strengthening the cybersecurity aspects”. 

Studies have shown that more than 30% of resumes sent to a company have some form of discrepancy associated with them, which if not checked and/or verified as a part of company due diligence, results in huge reputational and security damages and financial losses for companies. Helping organisations with such processes, Avvanz carries out verification and employee integration within companies, not only saving these companies from fraudsters or imposters, but also ensuring organizational success through hiring and integrating the “right” and “safe” talents. With VeriME, Avvanz can speed the otherwise complex and tedious process of employee verification.

Carrying forward our vision of simplifying and optimising the process of verification and authentication, we are happy to have Avvanz as our newest partner. With the pace at which VeriME is growing, we are positive of reaching our goal of bringing onboard 100+ partners and 250 million+ customers soon and hence, overhaul the traditional cumbersome KYC process.” Sanjeev Kumar, Co-founder VeriME, was quoted as saying.

In the coming months, Avvanz will showcase how their background Screening platform (ScreenGlobal) integrated with VeriME’s D-KYC will enhance security, speed and user experiences of clients and their candidates. 

Founded in 2016, Avvanz is a fast-growing Technology based Employee Lifecycle Management company that is gaining traction at a global level. Avvanz serves clients in Asia, NA and Europe.

Founded in 2017, VeriME offers blockchain based Verification As a Service [VaaS] platform offering KYC and Authentication services for its partners. To know more about VeriME, visit

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