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AVVANZ WEBCAFE: The Great Resignation vs. The Great Retention

– Kannan Chettiar, Avvanz
– Rosalind Loh, Avvanz
– Chi Ming Loh, LinkedIn
– Gary Lee, Group HR
– Vivek Ivyani, Millenial Minds PTE Ltd.
– Shirley Temple Lau, Herrenknecht Asia Ltd.


In this insightful discussion, you will be able to hear different views and perspectives from our participants of different backgrounds and industries about The Great Resignation vs. The Great Retention: best practices on how to retain the best talents.


Watch the replay here.


What we have discussed:

  • The “hopper” mindset
  • The great reshuffle
  • What are the best practices that you can do in your organization to retain your talents
  • How do you address employee concerns from different generations

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