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Mediacorp Singapore News covered the rising worrisome issues with respect to fake resumes (or CVs) and certificates. The journalist spoke about the consequences of hiring such individuals in terms of financial damages, reputational damages and compromise in company’s security. Avvanz’s Managing Director, Kannan Chettiar, articulated the seriousness of the ongoing situation. 

Kannan added that for organizations hiring new staff, it becomes of paramount importance to do background screening of the new hires. However it is equally important to do re-screening of the existing staff periodically – a relatively new concept is infinity screening which is akin to continuous screening of the staff so as to ensure that the staff continually have a clean background record at all times.

Kannan demonstrated how Avvanz’s Gold-Medal winning ScreenGlobal facilitates easy ordering of an array of background checks across 150+ countries. He showed how technology fastens the process enabling companies to make quicker and informed decisions in hiring. This will address the much feared business risks owing to people risks. 

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