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Avvanz has been chosen and appointed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Work Pass Division as an approved global background screening company

Employers in Singapore are required to submit a verification proof during the work pass application for their new joiners if the qualification is from an institution that is not on their drop-down list on the MOM site. The verification proof has to confirm that the qualification is both authentic and accredited. They can go to the Self-Assessment Tool on MOM site to determine if the institution is in their list or not.

If it is not, that’s where Avvanz, which has been appointed to help MOM, comes in to check on the certificate authenticity as well as the accreditation. Avvanz has capability to check on institutions across 150+ countries around the globe. 

Accreditation refers to the certificate issuing institution being recognised by the relevant government authority. If it is accredited by other organisations, the organisation should be reputable and well-established as the authority for the type of qualifications. Such information on these organisations will be included in the report. The information provided by Avvanz will have to tally with what has been submitted in the work pass application. Typical information include:

i) Name of the candidate should tally with that on the passport and the educational certificate. If there are name changes, confirmation has to be provided that both refer to the same person. 

ii) Awarding institution – This should be as per the educational certificate. It should not be the affiliating college (for Indian institutions) or overseas college of study (eg. a person could have studied at SIM for a degree from University of London. The University of London is the awarding institution and not SIM)

iii) Level of qualification should tally with that on the educational certificate. For foreign language certificates or qualifications that are not the usual, it has to be confirmed what qualification level it is equivalent to. 

At Avvanz, our Education Verification checks include Dates of attendance, Date of graduation and Type of Certification. We can also check if the qualification was awarded by an unaccredited or fake institution (like degree mills) through the Institution Accreditation check.  

Managing Director of Avvanz, Mr Kannan Chettiar, commented, “Avvanz is proud to be MOM’s trusted partner to deliver fast and high-quality background screening using our Gold-medal ScreenGlobal platform and latest technology. We have been already undertaking this type of verification over the past few years in several countries and now being endorsed by MOM is a huge milestone for Avvanz. Our mission here is – Only thoroughly checked individuals are issued work passes to work in Singapore.”

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