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Are all Employee Assessments alike?

As part of employee selection, there are many types of employee assessment systems that can be utilised. The right mix of systems will strengthen your hiring decisions. This Whitepaper from Avvanz’s partner, Select International, discusses:

1) 8 types of Assessments – Structured Interviews, Background Checks (Biographical data), Personality Inventories, Situational Judgment, Simulations, Cognitive Ability, Motivational Fit and Technical Knowledge. 

2) Tips to use a multi-modal approach to Assessments – This will help to increase the efficiency, accuracy and utility of your assessment process. 

3) Right assessment for the right role and industry – The competency or skill requirement must be linked to the right predictive assessment that the subject (the one who is assessed) has to undergo. The assessment must be valid and reliable. 

Drop a note to to discuss your needs and our consultants will propose a right mix of employee selection solutions for your organization. 

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