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5 Ways to Make Recruitment More Transparent

Some people may believe that recruitment is a one-sided process in which the employer selects candidates for an open position. However, there are many ways to make the selection process more transparent and collaborative. Not only does candidate experience improve but hiring managers get better quality applicants and as a result turnover rates decrease.
Here are five ways you can make your recruitment more transparent: 

1. Recruiters should work with potential hiring managers during each interview stage so they can be involved in decision making processes from start to finish. 
2. They should also provide detailed feedback about how the interviewee performed with their manager or executive who interviewed them at each stage of the process. Doing this will allow both parties to have a say in who gets hired and will help avoid any misunderstandings later on down the line.
3.  Furthermore, recruiters should ensure that all paperwork is completed and filed as soon as possible after interviews so that no time is wasted waiting around for someone else.
 4. Ensure to  Review job descriptions with candidates before interviewing them,  Include salary ranges in job ads and provide contact information for your HR department and recruiters.
5. Finally ask candidates for links to their social media profiles and tell them that they will be subject for possible screening. An additional important item is to share how long it takes to hire someone.

Recruitment is a long process and the potential for bias exists. The best way to combat this is by ensuring an open recruitment process that’s transparent to all parties involved. These steps will help ensure a fair hiring process without any unnecessary bias.

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