• Western training methodologies, models and tools, in Avvanz’s opinion, do not fit perfectly with the Asian business needs. They have to be tweaked, contextualised and adapted to the Asia based learners, be it Asians or non-Asians. We believe there is no Asia strategy – it varies from country to country. We understand the cultural nuances and differences across the various Asian countries. Hence, Avvanz Develop coaches and trains our learners to be productive for the Asian context.   
  • Avvanz’s panel of carefully selected veteran trainers own huge role-specific and domain-specific working experiences across multiple disciplines. 
  • Avvanz will partner you to understand your learner needs and customize programs accordingly. 
  • Avvanz’s unique 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring solutions will be delivered by veterans with leadership and management experiences.
  • Avvanz’s Digital Training solutions include a broad library of Off-the-Shelf e-learning solutions as well as customized game-based learning and gamification possibilities. 
  • Learning is not a single event. Avvanz believes in spaced learning which is a form of Blended Training. This encompasses pre-work, Assessment, pre-learning and “RECALL” checkpoints to aid the retention and continuous application of the acquired knowledge. These checkpoints can be in form of micro-learning kits and job aids. 

All of the abovementioned critical elements put forward a wholesome and integrated training for our learners.