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Ways To Building Successful Cross-Cultural Recruitment

As globalization becomes more common throughout different parts of the world there is also an increased demand among employers for a more diversified workforce. We all know that diversified workers can be favorable for companies who need various perspectives from all sorts of backgrounds no matter what type or level of job or position they have available.

This continuing trend of inclusive and diversified hiring while extremely beneficial is not without challenges of it’s own.

One such challenge is ‘cultural noise’? It refers to some values and norms that exist in a culture, but are not seen or recognized by people because they’re embedded into them early on. This problem could lead to failed recruitment attempts across cultures for recruiters who don’t take enough time out of their busy schedule to learn about each candidate’s cultural background.

As recruiters are constantly trying to find the right candidate for their company. In order to do so, they need a clear idea of what kind of person would best fit in with its culture and values. It’s not always easy identifying these traits during an interview or on paper; you can’t see someone be themselves when interviewing them over Skype or Zoom.

Most recruiters will make assumptions about what the job applicant is like based on where they’re from just by looking at their resume – but this often leads into cultural bias that could have major consequences for your hiring process down the line.

Below are tips on how we can make Cross Cultural Recruitment more effective and less challenging to both parties:


Cultural Education: 

It’s good to take some time out of our day for cultural education. Education is important not only in terms of understanding the differences, but also in terms of understanding other cultures – one’s own culture as well as others’. Understanding common norms will help us understand how an applicant feels. Such understanding can be a great help when considering whether or not they would fit into our workplace environment. 


Amplify Diversity and Inclusion: 

Holding diversity awareness training at work is also beneficial because it improves mutual understanding amongst stakeholders by educating them about the many different ways people from various backgrounds live their lives without even realizing how much we’re actually alike! Diversity training is an investment in the company and staff. A diverse workforce can lead to great ideas, promote innovation, enrich the workplace environment for all employees with different backgrounds and cultural norms or practices. 


Reflect and Recognize:

Recognizing our own biases as well as those we might unknowingly project onto others is important if we want successful recruitment across cultures- it means being conscious of stereotypes

Hiring cross-culturally was never an easy task, however the process can be simplified by following these strategies. Ensuring your recruiting team is culturally diverse will help you get a more accurate assessment of applicants and ensure they understand any cultural driven behavior that may come up in interviews or on their job. You’ll also have better luck finding top talent!

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