Avvanz Develop's Training Solutions are designed to be holistic to ensure skill and competency gaps of an employee are addressed along with leveraging the employee's strengths so that the employee is empowered to be a strong contributor to your organization.

One-off training programs applied in band-aid style are mere ticks in the checkboxes and don't add any value to the employee or your organization. A complete end-to-end consultative approach has to be undertaken to understand your "as-is" situation and where you need to get to before Avvanz can map out a powerful and robust program consisting of: 

  • Digital Learning


  • Instructor-led or Classroom Training


  • Blended Training or Flipped Classroom


Avvanz Develop places a huge emphasis on application of the learnings to workplace. It's critical that the learning outcomes are tied to the expected performance outcomes. The learnings should be continuously sustained and then enhanced through the entire learning journey.  This is made possible through a well-structured blended learning. 

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