Every Function or Role has a certain risk associated with it. Based on Avvanz's experiences in serving organizations globally across multiple market segments, we've mapped out 3 Risk Levels - Low, Medium and High. Each of these Risk Levels come with recommended Checks which you can decide to remove or add. Please note that this is purely our recommendation only based on best practices. 

Currency in which the Prices of checks will be displayed

Personal Unique ID number (should be as per the document that you will upload) as per your Country of residence can be:

and so on. 

Personal Unique ID number (should be as per the document that you will upload) as per your Country of residence can be:

and so on. 

Educational Certificates are required. Please upload any of the below Documents accordingly:

To upload, transfer all required documents into one folder. Then press "CTRL" button, select multiple files and click OPEN. This will enable uploading of multiple files at one time.  

Please upload a copy of your Passport. 

Please upload your Driving License related documents. 

Please upload your Professional Qualifications or Membership related documents. 

Upload Letters of Employment if informed by Avvanz. If Letters of Employment are not available, copy of Tax Assessment or payslip or Exit Letter can be uploaded. 

Order a new Case for your Subject to be screened. The Subject can be a Candidate or an Employee or any individual whose background needs to be verified.

If the Countries in which the Subject has resided or studied or worked in, don't appear in the dropdown menu, please drop an email to consult@avvanz.com with your requirements and we will revert within 24 hours. 

If you need to order more than 20 Cases and wish to have a special DISCOUNT CODE or order offline, please email us at consult@avvanz.com. 

Please enter the Data as required. 

Note: For Employment Details, please try to avoid Group Email ID and state the exact Email ID of the HR or Supervisor. 

Order Summary Page

Order Thank You page

All Cases requested by you will be listed here. Please note that they have not been ordered yet as they could be pending your Subject's (or Candidate's) final data and documentations. Once ordered, the Cases will appear under ORDERS Tab. 

Ready for Processing Cases

Pending Cases list page here

Pending Order Case list page content

Processing Ordered Cases

This is a list of all Orders which include:

This is a list of all Company Users. 

Company Users Add page

Company Users Edit page

This is a list of all SuperUsers of the Company with additional privileges. 

Super User Add page

Super User Edit page

This is a list of all branches within your Company. 

Company Branch Add page

Company Branch Edit Page

Candidate (or Subject) specific Personal Data needs to be inputted either by the Case Requestor or Candidate. Only Data required for the specific checks ordered will need to be inputted. 

If you are ordering a Background Check on yourself, then please select 1st Option - "Data to be filled by Case Requestor on Candidate's behalf". 


To create a new Case, please click here.

This is a list of all the Cases which have not been ordered yet. They are a combination of:

This is a list of Cases ready to be confirmed by you to process the order. Please put a Tick in the Checkbox(es) next to the Case(s) and hit the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button. The Cases will then appear under ORDERS Tab. 

This is a list of Cases which are pending for Data from the Subject. Once the Data are inputted by either Subject or Case Requestor, the Case will move to "READY FOR PROCESSING CASES" Tab. 

If the Case Requestor had wrongly entered the Subject related information, it can be edited here. 

This is a list of confirmed Orders which need more Data to be inputted by Case Requestor or Subject and hence have been marked as "Pending Ordered Cases" by Avvanz Operations. 

This is list of confirmed Orders currently being processed by Avvanz Operations. 

This is a list of all the Orders that have been completed by Avvanz Operations. 

Offline Terms means you need not use Credit Card to make the payment. You can go ahead to click on "Pay Now" to checkout the Cart. Once Avvanz advises you the amount or sends you an invoice, you can make payment via bank transfer or cheque. 

If the Cases are highlighted in RED, it means these Cases belong to "Insufficient Data Cases" status. For those with Cart showing next to them, they are ready to "Proceed to Checkout"

These Cases have insufficient data. Case Requestor needs to send a notification to Subject (Candidate) to specifically submit certain required information. They have to do this by clicking on the "bell" icon. 

Case Requestor can view the Cases and if they are ready to be ordered, then Case Requestor needs to select these Cases and hit "Proceed to Checkout". 

If you are ordering a Background Check to be done on yourself, then please input "Individual" in the Company Name field. 

Educational and/or Professional Qualifications attained

Relationship of Employment Reference

If selected as YES, Avvanz Operations will follow up with Candidates directly for any additional information required. Avvanz will escalate to Case Requestor only if additional help is needed. 

Upload Files like signed Letter of Consent and copies of ID or Passport here. 

To upload, transfer all required documents into one folder. Then press "CTRL" button, select multiple files and click OPEN. This will enable uploading of multiple files at one time. 

If this selected as YES, then Avvanz Operations will be able to reveal Case Requestor's Company's name to your Candidate's previous employers and other sources if applicable. 

Please enter your Alias Name or Previous Name or Nickname or Another Name

Date Graduated is the Date which appears on your Certificate. This might differ from your last Date in School or Date of Convocation. 

Please input as MM-YYYY. If this is your current address, then put the current MM-YYYY in the "To" field. 

There should be no GAPS in the dates. In other words, if addresses are required for last 10 years, all MM-YYYY should be accounted for. There should not be any months with no residential (or hotel) addresses. 


If you can remember, please input the full address details. If not, at least enter the name of the state or city or town or province. 

Unique ID Number

Annualised Salary = Base Salary x 12 months

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