Predictive Assessments

In addition to effective interviewing rounds, an Assessments Centre (delivered either virtually or in person) has been engineered by Avvanz. We offer solutions catering to various industries, functions and roles

Our Differentiators:

  • Several leading assessment systems available today focus on personality-based tests only to make critical decisions relating to recruitment, to identify gaps to purpose-build training and development and map out succession planning. Avvanz believes data not intuition is key to identify, select and develop talents. Studies have shown that 40% to 60% of new hires fail and this is due to lack of a robust selection and onboarding process.  
  • Key areas that need to be measured are: Cognitive skills, Competencies, Job-specific situational assessments, Applied problem solving and so on. One assessment approach absolutely does not suffice and hence a need for a system of multiple assessment approaches. Using multiple tools increases the reliablity, consistency, validity and accuracy (less "fakeable") of the Assessment. 
  • Avvanz Team will propose an appropriate mix of assessments to suit your needs and objectives. We are sensitive to your industry-specific, accountability-specific and role-specific needs. This is important as it avoids generic and general reports that don't offer an holistic assessment. 
  • Multi-Channel access for your talents that enables fast, convenient and efficient screening. 
  • Powerful web-based Scoring and Tracking Program that can be branded to coordinate with your logo and design theme. 
  • Assessment systems are based on global norms across multiple cultures. This is important as your workforce especially leaders have to work effectively across many cultures in an international environment.
  • Proven Returns on Investment (ROI) Statistics from our Clients which can provide real-life scenarios and best practices that you can quickly adapt and apply and not waste funds on trying out different untested vendor products. The ROI has been evaluated in relation to:
    • Increased Productivity and Quality
    • Reduced Turnover and Absenteeism
    • Reduced Risk of Legal Challenges
    • Reduced Risk of Aberrant Behaviours
    • Improved Resource Utilization
  • Concise Assessment Report (versus pages of redundant content) that provides Scoring based on Competencies, Motivators and Risk Factors. It offers Recommendations and proposed Interviewing Questions to further assess the Talents. Our information is easy to interpret and helps you to make decisions on the go. 

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