Intelligent Recruiting

The Problems:

  • Mass Recruitment is time consuming, costly and too slow to market.
  • Interviewing process is not robust enough, lengthy, not efficient and effective enough.
  • Onboarding “not right” talents contribute to high staff attrition.
  • Not possible to vet hundreds of resumes and there are chances of missing out solid candidates. 
  • More than 35% of CVs have some form of discrepancies. Talents with doubtful “integrity” and “security” can cause reputational, financial and security damages.

This calls for a powerful solution for Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Leaders to keep a tab on effective and efficient recruitment. 

The Solution:

  • Candidates can upload resumes in any format. 
  • Recruiters and HR can quickly post jobs. 
  • TABS Broadcast posts the job at various sites. 
  • TABS Chatbot & Videobot ask Candidates questions and this will reduce your interviewing time. 
  • TABS Match uses Machine Language to match the right resumes with the required skills, competencies roles and responsibilities. Hundreds of resumes are vetted within minutes and top matches with the scores are emailed to the Recruiters. 

Our Differentiators:

  • World’s first Talent Acquisition bundled with Background Screening.
  • Differing workflows for Recruiters and HR.
  • Modular options for Broadcast, Chatbot, Videobot, AI Match and Background Screening.
  • Precious time spent on Sourcing, Selecting, Interviewing and Recruiting can be drastically reduced. 

Drop us an email at for a Demo and Login Credentials for you to try out the PLATFORM TABS