Instructor led Training

Avvanz Develop boasts a Panel of Trainers with actual in-depth industry and function-specific experiences in addition to Trainer related Qualifications. This is a strong differentiator in terms of delivery of programs as our Trainers can bring foward their experiences into the classroom to enhance the application aspect of the learning. When blended with Digital Training, the classroom evolves into an environment for experential learning since the theoretical concepts would have been covered in the pre-workshop Digital Training. During the classroom, the following tools will be utilised:

  • Quizzes to check understanding of the theoretical concepts
  • Case Studies
  • Simulation games
  • Brainfiring sessions
  • Videos 
  • Video analysis
  • Flip chart presentations
  • Role plays
  • Online Polling 
  • Professional writing
  • Picture interpretations

Our Panel can deliver both bespoke and off-the-shelf programs covering a diverse array of disciplines of which some are listed below:

instructor led training

Avvanz has pioneered a VIRTUAL LIVE CLASSROOM whereby members will get unlimited access to 48 unique Courses scheduled throughout the year. Drop us a note at to retrieve the full calendar of courses. 

We also have options to structure customized Virtual LIVE Classroom Training specific to your organization. 

Though our programs are not exhaustive, there are specific Programs which have become our Signature Programs due to the popularity of the content, treatment and delivery. They are:

  • Leadership development - Executive Management Level, Senior/Mid Management Level, Other Levels *
    • Manage self
    • Develop personal effectiveness
    • Develop professional image and competence to achieve personal career goals
    • Manage Change
    • Cultivate workplace relationship
    • Enable people
    • Lead team
    • Manage achievement of results
  • Management 101 for first-time Managers - Based on 12 major challenges faced by first-time Managers *
  • Managerial intelligence
  • Managing cross functional, multi-geography and culturally diverse teams *
  • Emotional competence to manage self and others in business context *
  • Entrepreneuralism 101
  • Innovation & Strategy
  • Digitalization, Innovation and Change
  • Critical skills for Industry 4.0 
  • Customer-focused consultative selling
  • Sales Enhancer (for Asian context) - Level 101, Level 2 - Intermediate and Level 3 - Advanced
  • Developing World Class Proposals
  • Persuasive presentation and communication *
  • Strategic marketing that matters
  • Service Excellence - Services related Innovation, Vision, Brand, Operations, Partnerships, Recovery, Quality & Customer satisfaction, Optimise workforce for service excellence, Develop new products/services *
  • Project management
  • Process improvement and management *
  • Business process re-engineering *
  • Quality system and processes management *
  • Productivity framework - Design and Develop *
  • Lean Six-Sigma implementation *
  • Design thinking, Problem solving and Decision making *
  • Workplace communication and engagement *
  • Workplace safety and health system *
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for knowledge management *
  • Sensible time management with work-life balance
  • Personal management and development *
  • Revolutionary interviewing techniques
  • Build a learning organization *
  • Finance, Risk Management and Governance related courses

* denotes Courses for which Singapore based Learners can obtain GRANTS. Conditions apply. 

Drop a note at to access the full course details and discuss with us to customize the Training to meet your learning and business objectives.