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Best Background Screening Provider (Gold Medal)
Best Training Povided (Finalist)

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HR Tech for exceptional Talent-Lifecycle Management

Avvanz is a Technology-based Employee Lifecycle Management company with end-to-end Management and Development Solutions for your organization

  • MOM Work Background Checks
  • International Background Checks
  • Blockchain for Instant Verification

  • New Employee Onboarding Process
  • Digital Employee Onboarding Portal

  • Learn Global Skills On-Demand Platform
  • Top Critical Skills tp Thrive in Digital Economy
  • Digital Transformation Courses and Consultation


We provide detailed, and auditable world-class, Background Checks that are conducted based on the risks associated with your country, industry, the roles, functions and levels of your human assets.


Our onboarding solution helps reduce cost through scalable and consistent modelling that results in efficient and effective recruitment.


Conveniently tailored, relevant, high impact and on-demand upskilling programs that can help you get ahead in your career and in business.


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Searching for an automated compliant
background screening solution?

As much as people are the biggest assets to your organization, the wrong people can pose the highest risks to your business. Hence, you need to identify the “right” and “safe” talents before onboarding them. The Avvanz solutions will enable you to do just that. 

Do you want to effectively onboard and get
your talent up to speed?

Integrated with a thorough screening solution, a robust and comprehensive onboarding strategy has to be in place. Click to find out more on how Avvanz can help you achieve this.

Want to Develop and upskill your talent to be digital ready?

A customized, contexualised and highly engaging training and development strategy along with a strong execution of the programs will enhance the Employee Lifetime Value to drive the expected profitable growth for your organizations.

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