Employee Selection

Organizations need to evaluate several dimensions of a candidate before hiring. A misfit will negatively impact hiring organizations with huge repercussions. Candidates today are outsmarting interviewers by attending classes teaching them how to score interviews. Research has shown that pleasant and articulate candidates pass through interviews with flying colours. Hence, traditional employee selection techniques are losing in effectiveness. 

When hiring multi-generational talents like Gen X, Gen Y and millennials, there are no one-size-fit-for-all employee selection techniques. Different selection strategies have to be employed for the various roles, functions and age-groups. Candidate's personal characteristics, behaviours, motivation, skills, knowledge and competencies are dimensions that need to be assessed thoroughly before hiring the candidate. 

Two critical components of employee selection that will heighten the chances of hiring the "right" talent are: 

  • Effective Professional Interviewing rounds that need to be structured carefully to sieve out the right talents. 
  • Professional Interviewing alone might be very subjective and hence it should be used in conjunction with Predictive Assessments that have industry-specific, accountability-specific and role-specific tools to predict with an high accuracy of future performance of the candidate in the job. Moreover, these tools can be used for succession planning as well as aid in developing employee specific training and development solutions.