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Transform, Optimize and Scale Organizations to Become Profitable Leveraging Digital Transformation Singapore

digital transformation

Course Overview

One Of The Most ROI Focused Skills That You Or Your Company Wished To Have Started Years Ago.

One of the essential skills that you or your company wished to have started years ago to be ready for the Digital Economy.

The only intervention that you can start today but profit in the next years to come!

Value Packed Workshop that’s applicable and easy to understand  

The program makes it easy for you and your stakeholders to grasp the rationale behind your digital strategy.  The program delivers not-all-theory; as 85% of the course consists of simulations, interactive games and practical exercises.


  • Understand the principle behind What is Industry 4.0 and what it means to the success or failures of businesses today.

  • What’s the benefit of knowing the place of Digital Technologies, Productivity Tools and Applications in order to increase not just throughput but also business intelligence.

  • Why it’s important to understand the difference between Digitization vs Digitalization

  • Understand how the 9 Dimensions of Industry 4.0: AI, Blockchain, Big Data, IOT, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, 3D Printing, Mixed Reality and Robotics/RPA impacts customer experience and supply chain/asset management and data governance/compliance.

  • What are the top 10 Critical Skills your organization needs to prioritize in order to thrive in Digital Economy

  • Learn where to apply Creativity and 9 Innovation protocols

  • Be able to assimilate the application of a Growth mindset and Change Management model in crafting your DT strategy

  • Craft actionable plan for Industry 4.0 – Aids you in understanding your “as-is” state versus your digital vision and guides you in building the components to build a Digital Strategy for you, for your business unit and for your company.

  • Determine where Digital Technologies can be employed. How to keep abreast of new technologies?

  • Where does the principle of DOWNTIME and LEAN 4.0 fall into your strategy

  • How to craft better Stakeholder management and communications that will help influence decisions

  • Build you DIY Framework to implement Digital Transformation for your organization

  • Carefully measure and track your outputs and actions thru Cost-Benefit-Risk analysis

  •  Implement an iterative PDCA model four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products

  • Publish your Final plan and Next steps


Target Participants

Our 2-day workshop is a SkillsFuture endorsed course. 

15 hours Synchronous (F2F or virtual) training

+ 1 hour assessment

+ 2 hours asynchronous e-learning on LearnGlobal

Avvanz can contextualise and customise this two-day workshop for your organization. By the end of two-day period, learners will have worked on a digital canvas strategy – actionable plan to drive the learners and the organization forward to thrive in Industry 4.0. Avvanz can offer consulting to execute the digitalization plan as well.

You might be in any function — Management, Sales or Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, IT, Rank-and-File – from companies of any size across any industries.


At The End Of The Course,

You Should Be Able To:

Learn the Fundamentals of the 35% of Skills that’s important today

Digital Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground. Proactively shape, drive and champion an organization’s transformation strategy to digital with sustainable growth as the end in mind.

Delight your stakeholders with a fit for purpose Industry 4.0 digital strategy

Fully articulate the complex 9 Dimensions of Industry 4.0: AI, Blockchain, Big Data, IOT, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, 3D Printing, Mixed Reality and Robotics/RPA and how you can leverage them to achieve efficiency and faster results.

Craft an Actionable Plan that you can bring to whatever industry

You won’t just learn concepts and theories. You’ll be able to formulate a solid plan based on sound tools, measures and applications that have helped  transform large organizations successfully.

Master Trainer

This workshop is facilitated by Kannan Chettiar, CEO of Avvanz, who has more than 24 years of Corporate Leadership and Management experiences in Asia, NA and EMEA. He is an award-winning Technopreneur – Executive of the Year – Human Resources Technology. His technopreneurship through Avvanz ( has disrupted the entire Employee Lifecycle Management. As a result, Avvanz has won several awards including a Gold Medal.

Kannan has delivered this workshop in Asia, UK and US to several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to being a Mentor for startups and Thought Leader who delivers speeches globally and offers expert

 opinions on TV (news, documentaries and talk shows) and press media, Kannan is also an highly rated International Trainer who has trained several global organizations (including SIA, Cisco, Airbus, Thales, Total Oil, Mercer, Thermo Fisher, Rehau, Roche, Jotun, TUV SUD, HP, HPE, Essilor, Peninsula, PON Asia, William Grant, Oriental Motors and Singapore government subsidized WSQ courses).

Other Trainers in the Team: Randy Sng, Vivian Chung


For Singapore-based learners, this course comes with government grant and absentee-payroll funding. To know more about the funding details, please drop us a note at

The fees above are before GST (GST is not applicable now).

For self-sponsored types, you can claim SkillsFuture credit if you have sufficient funds available.

For more information about this, please contact us.

Most would think this will be a technical course and would be difficult to comprehend. On the contrary, this course is packed with activities – that include brainfiring, videos, online research based presentations, fun-filled physical and Technology games, quizzes, group discussions and case studies – and delivered in a “layman” manner that will be extremely digestible. Download the e-brochure here to learn more.