Digital Learning/E-Learning

Digital Learning involves Technology to enhance the learning experience. It enables Learners to have more control of their learning journey by learning anytime anywhere. From an organization's standpoint, Digital Learning is cost-effective and time-efficient to roll out. Digital Learning allows for fun-filled, interactive and engaging ways to learn. Since it can be accessible throughout the learning journey, it facilitates high knowledge retention. 

Avvanz Develop offers 2 types of Digital Learning Solutions:

Off-the-shelf Digital Learning Solutions

Our Solutions Suite consists of more than 45,000 off-the-shelf Courses that cover:

  • Sales, Account Management and Marketing 
  • Management and Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Professional Efficiency
  • Soft Skills

digital learning solutions

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Customized Digital Learning Solutions 

During the Discovery phase, Avvanz will understand your Digital Learning needs and customize the most apt solution accordingly. The Digital Learning content can be of different levels of complexity. 

Gamification, Game-based learning, Mixed Reality (Virtual and Augmented Reality) and Mobile chunked Learning can be built for your intended learning purposes. 

Talk to us at to let us understand your needs or potential needs and map out a complete solution for your organization.  

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