To be a successful contributor to your organization amidst the Digital Economy, right skills and competencies are very critical. To achieve that, a customized, contextualised and highly engaging training and development strategy must be crafted. Moreover, a strong execution of the training programs will enhance the Employee Lifetime Value to drive the expected profitable growth for your organizations. A study has shown that a robust training and development program consisting of the below mentioned components can improve an employee’s performance by at least 20% in a year. 

  • eLearning 
  • Instructor-Led or Classroom or Face-To-Face Training (Corporate Trainings)
  • Blended Training 
  • Unique 1:1 and/or Group Coaching and Mentoring solutions
Avvanz’s unique consultative approach, award-winning programs and multi-industry experiences will address your Training needs. 

Avvanz's consultative approach

Corporate Trainings (Classroom delivery)

Avvanz boasts a Panel of Trainers with actual in-depth industry and function-specific experiences in addition to Trainer related Qualifications. This is a strong differentiator in terms of delivery of programs as our Trainers can bring forward their experiences into the classroom intervention to enhance the “application” aspect of the learning. When blended with elearning, the classroom evolves into an environment for experiential learning since the theoretical concepts would have been covered in the pre-workshop session in form of elearning or mobile based learning. 

During the classroom, the following tools will be utilised – Quizzes to check understanding of the theoretical concepts, Case Studies, Simulation games, Brainfiring sessions, Videos, Video analysis, Flip chart presentations, Role plays, Online Polling, Professional writing and Picture interpretations.

Avvanz’s signature programs include:

Corporate Sales Training

  • Global account management
  • High-Performance selling
  • 9 Steps to corporate selling
  • Customer-Focused solutioning
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Persuasive presentation and communication skills
  • Telesales and Cold-calling skills
  • Strategic marketing that matters
  • Time and Priorities Management


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Leadership and Management

  • Disruptive leadership for future digital economy (Levels 1 to 4)
  • High stakes leadership in action (Immersion leadership programme in a “movie” like situation)
  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Management 101 for first-time managers
  • Managerial intelligence
  • Instill intrapreneurialism in your leadership team
  • Business and financial acumen for managers


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Skills for Digital Workplace

  • Digitalization, Innovation and Change – How to leverage digital technologies to innovate and create changes?
  • Critical skills for Industry 4.0 (4th Industrial Revolution) – Click to read article
  • Crafting and actionable plan using Aritificial Intelligence and Blockchain
  • Design & Systems Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making (Leveraging Tech tools)
  • Big Data Analytics
    • Data analytics at work
    • Data analysis techniques and tools
    • Data visualization
    • Data modelling
    • Digital & Social Media analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Fundamentals of Data Science
    • Presenting insights to stakeholders
  • SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW) – Program with Singapore Government Grant


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Human Resource and People related Courses

  • Talent attraction and recruitment strategies (Includes innovative interviewing techniques)
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Corporate governance and business ethics
  • Sustainability management
  • Team cohesion (Team building) – Indoor and outdoor formats
  • Understanding Personal Data Privacy (Includes GDPR)

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elearning (Digital delivery)

elearning enhances and strengthens learning experience anywhere anytime. It is cost-effective and time-efficient to roll out to all employees. It facilitates continuous learning and enhances knowledge retention. 

Avvanz offers

  • Off-the-shelf suite of elearning titles covering diverse topics
  • Customized elearning of different levels of complexity

Gamification, Game-based Learning, Mixed Reality (Virtual and Augmented Reality) and Mobile chunked learning can be built for your desired learning purposes. 

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Blended Learning (Flipped Classroom)

Avvanz Develop offers a unique Blended Training experience which is a combination of Instructor-led Classroom Training and Digital Learning solutions. We believe that this provides a powerful and sustainable assimilation in learning. Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist, formulated the Forgetting Curve that depicts the relationship between memory and time. Assuming absorption rate is 100% on day 1 of learning, the retention rate drops to just 2 to 3% by end of 30 days. With additional retention disruptors in today’s world, there’s an enormous need to keep up the curve and hence the need for a continous learning journey.

Avvanz's differentiators:

  • Both off-the-shelf and customized Digital Learning programs are available covering multiple disciplines and functions. 
  • Flipped Classroom – Learners watch and learn from online at their own pace and time. The precious classroom time is focused on activities like case studies, role-plays, quizzes, games, brainfiring and presentations. This enables the Learners to effectively apply the concepts learnt from online materials into real-life scenarios. 
  • Lesser Classroom time saves costs and time for Clients. 
  • Customized instructor-led content to complement the online programs and bridge the theory and practice effectively. 
  • Long-term access to online media that Learners can utilise to re-visit after the Instructor-led Training. This will enable Learners to relearn and revise the concepts.
  • Micro-learning Kits pushed out through mobile platforms

Avvanz’s blending learning, at an holistic level, increases engagement levels and delivers exceptional returns on investment to organizations as well as the learners. Blend with us at and let us offer you the right proposition.