Avvanz Develop

To be a successful contributor to your organization amidst the Digital Economy, right skills and competencies are very critical. To achieve that, a customized, contextualized and highly engaging training and development strategy must be crafted.

Avvanz’s mission is to bring you World Class Mastery of Business Skills to stay relevant in this Digital Economy through our face-to-face, virtual or blending trainings facilitated by veteran STAR Trainers, who possess in-depth role-specific and domain-specific working experiences across multiple disciplines around the globe. The learning journey also consist of a on-demand, netflixed style programmes where learners can access 24/7 at their own time and a monthly Lunch & Learn sessions for maximum retention and application. 

A study has shown that a robust training and development program consisting of the below mentioned components can improve an employee’s performance by at least 20% in a year. 

  • eLearning 
  • Face-To-Face Trainings
  • Blended Training 
  • 1:1 or Group Coaching and Mentoring solutions



An integrated 5-in-1 platform for complete Learning and Development without needing multiple investments in various platforms and solutions.


Highly experienced business leaders who have global training experiences.


Short, quick and effective Lunch-n-Learn format courses.
  • Both off-the-shelf and customized Digital Learning programs are available.
  • Flipped Classroom – Learners watch and learn from online at their own pace and time. 
  • Lesser Classroom time saves costs and time for Clients. 
  • Customized instructor-led content to complement the online programs and bridge the theory and practice effectively. 
  • Long-term access to online media that Learners can re-visit and revise concepts for application. 
  • Micro-learning Kits pushed out through mobile platforms

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