• Webinar: Strategies to continue upskilling workforce amidst virus scares

    Feb 19, 2020
    Virtual Learning

    Amidst the coronavirus or COIVID-19, companies are intending to postpone (or even cancel) training and development for workforce. This will lead to obvious ramifications like poor job performance, reduced engagment and motivation levels, increased work-related stress, absence and eventually productivity. Why does it have to come to this?

    With technology, continuous training can still carry on. elearning, virtual live training and blended learning with contextualised  videos, quizzes, presentations and even "live but virtual" brainstorming and discussions -- pretty much most of the activities that happen in a Face-to-Face classroom.

    Learning outcomes applicable to workplace can be executed effectively and cost-effectively. They can be aligned to your company's vision, mission and goals. 

    Click to watch the webinar which discusses this in further detail.