• Webinar: Know who you hire

    Mar 11, 2020

    This Webinar discusses strategies and techniques to help HR mitigate risks in making wrongful hires. It covers the following commonly asked questions:

    • How can HR go about conducting background checks on candidates and existing employees?
    • How can the some of the difficult-to-do checks like the following be done - criminal background checks in Singapore, Hong Kong, European countries, Thailand, Vietnam and bankruptcy checks in Singapore and so on?
    • How do life insurance companies (and other organizations) check medical background? The video discusses Drug Testing checks as well. 
    • How are education background checks done? Click to watch this documentary show where Avvanz is featured and Avvanz shows how the problem of certificate faking can be managed. 
    • How a candidate will know if his/her background screening is done?
    • How technology can be used to manage this otherwise painful and cumbersome background screening process?

    Click to watch the Webinar. 

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