• Webinar: Sieving out RIGHT and SAFE Talents in Asia

    Dec 08, 2016

    Key business assets of any organization are the PEOPLE. However, people related risks contribute to the most serious business risks as well. Hence, it's imperative that the RIGHT and SAFE talents are acquired. There is no one unique methodology to discover Gen X, Gen Y and millennial talents. In this webinar, we will challenge the age-old practices and show you some tools and techniques that will enable you to be effective in onboarding the best talents for your organization. 

    This Webinar has been presented by 2 Speakers: 
    1) Kannan Chettiar - Managing Director of Avvanz, a 1-Point-Talent-Hub with global presence. Avvanz has 3 business pillars - Screen (Predictive Assessment, Background Screening), Hire (New Employee On-boarding solutions) and Develop (Blended Learning, Coaching/Mentoring). Kannan regularly delivers thought leadership talks and master classes on Background Screening, HR Technologies, Human Capital Management and Blended Learning in the Asia region and constantly offers insights and perspectives in mainstream newspapers and trade publications. 

    2) Dr Matthew O'Connell - Co-Founder and Executive VP of Select International (partner of Avvanz) and is a leader in the field of Predictive Assessment. He is the co-author of the best-selling book, "Hiring Great People". Dr Matthew has designed Selection and Assessment systems for more than 400 organizations worldwide.

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