• Webinar: Screen for RIGHT and SAFE Talents in 1 minute

    May 18, 2017
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    • Given that 35% of resumes have discrepancies, Background Checks have become highly essential. 
    • With globalization, individuals have multi-country background. Can HR really conduct a thorough check on the global past of individuals?
    • With strict anti-money-laundering regulations and terrorism threats, specific checks have to be conducted to mitigate risks. What are they?
    • Individuals involved in cash have to be checked for bankruptcy, dubious credit history and financial regulatory checks. How to do these checks?
    • Other than checking on the past, how about predicting the future fit and performance of the employees? What kind of predictive systems are out there?
    Get answers to the above questions + Learn how to do these in a minute using a revolutionary ScreenGlobal platform. 

    Click on this Webinar that will address the abovementioned queries. For any guidance on this, feel free to email us at