• SBF and Avvanz bring "Background Checks and Due Diligence" Seminar

    Apr 12, 2018
    SBF and Avvanz Seminar

    Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Avvanz jointly held an extremely successful "Background Checks and Due Diligence" Seminar on 12th April 2018 in Singapore at SBF Centre hosting more than 130 delegates. This event brought together a panel of industry's thought leaders and award winning speakers including Kannan Chettiar (Avvanz), Jonathan Whiteley and Danny Hodder (Horus), Yeo Wan Ling (Caregiver Asia), Koh C-u Pinn (Arielle Law Corporation), Suzanne Murray (Cognita Group) and Nilay Khandelwal (Michael Page). The audience were mainly business leaders, HR leaders, people involved in hiring, Finance, Legal, Risk & Compliance professionals.

    This engaging seminar talked about the risks in hiring or partnering or dealing with the wrong people or companies. The speakers spoke about how these risks can be mitigated. The thought-provoking and engaging seminar covered:

    • Why background checks are important? How can background checks be done? To what detailed extent these checks can be carried out? What are the legal implications in conducting these checks?
    • What kind of reputational, financial and security damages can be avoided?
    • How can social media checks be a strong complement as a check on ongoing behaviour?
    • How can KYE be stretched to KYC and KYP through company due diligence?
    • How can KYC be enhanced using blockchain technology?

    The panel which consisted of a Freelancing Platform, Recruitment Company, International School Group and a Legal corporation also talked about:

    • What are their biggest talent acquisition challenges?
    • Among Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials, what are the generation specific issues when hiring?
    • Though character reference checks are pointless, why companies still do this and what are the shortfalls of this?
    • What are the risks of hiring freelancing and contract workers and how these risks can be mitigated?
    • Few companies are very open to hiring ex-convicts and bankrupts but most don't take the risk which might be unfair to these work seekers. How important is it to have a "safe" workforce given now the risks due to radicalism and violent behaviours? How has background checks helped you with this screening process?
    • How will AI, Chatbots, Big Data and other Industry 4.0 dimensions change the recruitment and screening landscape?

    Sponsored by Avvanz, Horus, VeriME and BIPO Services

    Photos taken during the seminar