• Professional Development Conference 2017

    Sep 26, 2017

    International Trainers based in Singapore made their way to Yangon, Myanmar from 26th to 29th September 2017 to deliver Executive Overview Sessions and 2-Day Workshops. This was an extremely fantastic opportunity for all Myanmar based leaders and professionals to equip themselves with the critical skills and competencies needed to leapfrog in development. 

    Avvanz's Managing Director, Kannan Chettiar, shared best practices in screening for "right" and "safe" candidates, onboarding them and developing them using cutting-edge technologies. He delivered:

    Executive Overview Session

    T010 1-Hr Overview on Industry 4.0 Impact on Myanmar's Workforce

    The last 3 revolutions can be listed as industrialization, electrification and digitalization. They were interlinked with continuity from one revolution to the next but the fourth industrial revolution (or so-called Industry 4.0) is a distinct one and is evolving at an exponential rather than a linear pace. This brings with it, a transformational disruption in almost every industry globally including Myanmar. This calls for demand for highly skilled workers while demand for rank-and-file workers with less education and lower skills will drop. This means new multi-disciplinary skills need to be acquired by Myanmar’s workforce who are compelled to deal with increasing ambiguity and uncertainty.

    This 1-Hour thought provoking talk that had been delivered by Kannan in multiple seminars and webinars across the globe made its way to Myanmar. Kannan was very excited to educate the Myanmar leaders not only on the industry 4.0 and the impact on Myanmar’s workforce but also listed out Top 10 critical skills that Myanmar talents need to be equipped with to be ready for the Future World Economy.