• Understand the Impact of Industry 4.0

    Oct 24, 2018
    industry 4.0


    Industry 4.0 Festival was held recently at NTU The Arc on 24th October. Guest speakers from ARTC, Mckinsey and Avvanz were invited to deliver talks on their perspectives of Industry 4.0. Avvanz CEO Kannan Chettiar spoke about how Industry 4.0 will open doors of opportunities for diverse roles like Data Scientists, Blockchain Developers and Cybersecurity specialists.

    Talent development in Singapore has become the core focus for every company's business growth. New multi-disciplinary skills from technical entrepreneurship to cognitive flexibility are required to meet the industry demands.

    The festival attracted about 100 NTU undergrads & post-grads.

    If you wish to listen to Kannan Chettiar's engaging Thought Leadership and would like to be in our invite list, drop us a note at

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