• High-Stakes Leadership in Action

    Dec 10, 2018

    Avvanz is honoured to launch Broadway (NYC) based InsideRisk in Asia and the first Leadership Masterclass was held in Singapore on the 10th Dec'18. A  concise version was successfully held at SBF Center. offers complete information on:

    • Profiles of Edouard Getaz and Prof George Kohlrieser
    • Immersive learning experience where learners were called upon to make extremely challenging decisions. CIO of Fitch Ratings, Mr Robert Harpel's view on this Workshop: "A frighteningly realistic simulation of business risk and high stakes decision-making"  
    • Learning outcomes include Bonding, Settling the unresolved, Framing, Being trustable/trusting others, Thinking ethically, Creative thinking, Resilience/Rebounding, Ability to take risks, Ability to deal with conflict, Luck and Joy of Life. 
    • Learning methodology and components
    • Testimonials, Trailers, Experience overview

    For a contextualised version for your company or to register for our next public run in Feb, please drop an email at